2.4 Dinitrophenol





Question:  I was rather intrigued, having read in April number of magazine «IRONMAN» interview in which it was mentioned preparation DNP allowing you is, how many will wish and thus to burn Adeps. Really it so?

The answer: And what will be, if I to you shall tell, what addition of a small amount of a yellow powder to your usual portion of a protein will provide to you a burning of 1 pound of Adeps everyone per day? If you are similar to the majority of body builders you it is natural, will apprehend with enthusiasm my offer. Let me to explain: in comparison with DNP dopes such as anabolic steroids, thyroid preparations and even diuretics " simply innocent sugar candy. DNP " the reduced name of a preparation 2,4 Dinitrophenol. How we shall discuss effects of use of the named bond for dump of Adeps, to me would like to present some materials about this substance termed still  about the beginning termogenic a medicine of item.

Though now the similar theme is hotly discussed in many groups of news of the Internet, DNP " bond not new. On a boundary of century the French and Germans used it  for various manufacture. As during manufacture workers of factories contacted with DNP which might be adsorbed through a skin the condition of these workers has specified expressed influence DNP, they lost weight! Loss of weight at the workers, caused DNP, has drawn attention of physicians Stanford University which in 1931 have lead  the researches which are finding out, that DNP " effective to burn Adeps. It was, actually, first of the offered medical products of dump of weight. In July, 1933 in the next release of magazine of the American Medical association (JAMA) three doctors from San Francisco in every possible way praised to the skies action DNP as effective Adeps to burn, speaking thus about his  safety. «DNP, " they wrote, " raises rate of a metabolism, and in small doses at all is not harmful item.

DNP " yellow firm crystalline substance, slightly soluble in water, alcohol-soluble or a simple Aether. Getting in an organism, it is less, than in one minute, raises rate of a metabolism on the average on 30 percents. Rate of a metabolism comes back to norm approximately in 6-48 hours after the use on a dose and a course of reception.

Researches of authors of clause  have shown, that application DNP in a dosage 3-5 mg on each kg of weight of a body results in rising rate Metabolism  on 25-30 % in current of 24 hours, the normal metabolism is restored for the following three days. Some person have reset(dumped) the whole 20 pounds of Adeps in 6 weeks of reception DNP without any change of a ration. In the meantime, DNP the beginnings to occur in bodybuilding , though and in circumscribed scales.

One of the purpose of application DNP body builders also is the way of restoration of the broken regulation of androgenic receptors in a cell, " the wide-spread and fast phenomenon after body builders rely on typical use of anabolic steroids "about applying item".

As DNP is a potent dehydrating agent, the sportsmen, accepting Dinitrophenol, strongly recommended to drink at least, 1-2 gallons of a liquid per day. Attempt to lower would result the maintenance(contents) of water in a fatal hyperthermia or to a uncontrollable fervescence. The last year, due to diligence of the person, giving interview to correspondent IRONMAN, Dinitrophenol became even more known to general public. The latest references on use DNP include his(its) combination with a plenty of active thyroid preparations, such as Cytomel. References here concern to accept Dinitrophenol together with an insulin. As is known the Insulin is the strongest anabolic, but DNP blocks negative effect an insulin to keep Adeps. Thus you receive from the Insulin only maximal anabolic effect. Scientists name the mechanism of action DNP about separated ocsidative fosforilathion (dissociation of a respiratory chain). Simply speaking, it(he) causes a fast attrition of stocks ATF in mitochondrions " those parts of cells where it is made ATF. ATF " it is an immediate source of all energy of an organism All nutrition, switching and carbohydrates, finally will turn in ATF the most elementary fuel. Settling(exhausting) cellular ATF, DNP compels an organism to use as fuel fatty adjournment.

Influence DNP is, that this substance sharply raises processes of oxidation. Nothing will be compared with DNP on a degree of oxidation caused by him(it) in mitochondrions. Promises of loss up to 1 pound per day sound seductively not only for cgjhncvtys. Any of us is capable to estimate action of this product. The author of these lines himself accepted DNP and may assure you that an opportunity of loss of 1 pound of Adeps per day not a limit. Keeping an elementary diet, it(he) lost up to 2.2 pounds of Adeps per day



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